Delivery Information

We build and ship all pump holsters within 1-2 business days. If things change and we get behind we'll update this number accordingly. As of December 2020 I've decided to offer a $5 Flat Rate Priority mail option along side our free First Class shipping option.  So you can still do free shipping like we've done all year, but if you need to get it quicker, you've now got the option. International shipping as always has the option of First Class or Priority Mail but they DO NOT have the free shipping or flat rate options purely because of the cost of international shipping.

Also to note USPS across the board has been weird in 2020, this is subject to change of course. But the estimates on shipping times are theirs not mine. Anyone who's ordered online this year knows that times have varied way more than previous years. I can't control how quickly USPS moves packages through their system etc. The best I can do is get the package to them in that 1-2 days and then we've both gotta hope for the best;) Now that isn't to say if there is a problem I won't take care of it, I absolutely will do everything I can to sort it out including shipping a replacement etc. But I just want folks to be aware that USPS this year is well not quite as reliable as normal.

If you've got any questions at all though feel free to email to get a current lead time or with any other questions.