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  Hi! We are the Adams family! We are a small family business located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I'm Luke. I design and build everything, and I would love to help make your life a little easier. Please reach out if you have any questions I can answer or special situations I might be able to help with.

  I was originally approached by a good friend of mine around 6 years ago. He is a long term type 1 diabetic who recently started using a pump. It was a big improvement for him over doing regular shots. However, he was running into a repeating frustration. He kept breaking the provided clips. He is a mechanic and that's a very demanding work environment for any sort of medical device. It's rough, sometimes greasy, and quite dirty. He also had a big concern of the safety of his pump (since we all know these are expensive devices). At the time, I didn't have an effective solution for him. I'm a leather worker. I know the limitations of my material. And while leather is great for many things, something exposed to that much dirt/ grease/ oil on a daily basis, will not survive. At least not for very long. So, unfortunately, I wasn't able to build something to help him out at the time.

  Fast forward four years- my nephew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and while he's not using a pump yet, it brought it back to the forefront of my mind. I had several friends suggest that I build out a plastic holster or case for insulin pumps. In the previous few years I had started to work with plastics on other projects, so I decided to take another look at the whole concept. I'd spent the previous year developing the ability to vacuum form plastic holsters for all sorts of things and designed all the tooling myself within CAD. Taking a fresh look at the problem of being able to carry a pump led me down this path of developing not only tough solutions to handle hard use, but also the ability to design other pump holsters which would make life easier for the users. What resulted was a slim, sleek holster that is easily concealed under light weight clothing, to an extremely tough holster, designed to take nearly any abuse you can throw at them. I will say, my goal with this entire project is to make the lives of people who deal with T1D easier. I'm not a diabetic, but it has affected my family and I like to solve problems. People who know me pretty much see that daily. I'm the kind of person who looks at a problem and then starts making a solution. In this case, it's not a problem for me, but it's still a problem and I felt there needed to be a better solution.

I want to note this photo is a real picture, in the sense all parents know how “easy” it is to get everyone on the same page in a photo, particularly when you involve kids. So I could have shot more or tried to get a perfect shot. But life isn’t perfect, it’s messy sometimes, you’re kids are screwing around when you’re trying to get a picture for your website. So I left it be, we’re not perfect we’re human just like everyone else and I’d rather show an honest picture than a perfect one;)